It's important that kittens and puppies have regular worming, as they will have picked up worms from their Mum. Outdoor cats should be wormed every three months. It's advised to use Advocate monthly on dogs to prevent lungworm, and Drontal regularly to treat tapeworm. We will advise on the best products and protocols for your pet. 

Why is worming your pet important?

  • Worms may affect your pet’s health.
  • Worms may infect people and pose a health risk to you and your family.

Signs of worm infection:

These may include vomiting, diarrhoea or constipation, weight loss, ‘pot-bellied’ appearance, poor coat quality or stunted growth.
Dogs can catch a very serious and life threatening worm called lungworm. Please see HERE for more information on how to prevent this killer disease. Lungworm is spread by slugs and snails and their slimy trails.

Mechanism of transmission:

Animals can become infected from their mother, from the environment, or from hunting.


  • We use Milbemax , Drontal and Panacur products. We will administer worming as required at your pet’s annual health check.
  • If your cat is difficult to give tablets then you can book a nurse appointment for them to administer the tablet. or we can advise about spot on products such as Advocate and Droncit.
  • Dogs should receive an Advocate spot-on every month. This also treats roundworm but not tapeworms. We advise Drontal to treat tapeworm.

How Often?

  • Kittens: at both kitten vaccinations and neutering (9, 12 and 18 weeks)
  • Adult cats: every 3 months for life but monthly for avid hunters.
  • Cats that do not go outside, do not hunt and are not fed raw pet foods, may not need regular repeat worming.
  • Puppies: every 2 weeks until 3 months, then monthly until 6 months, then 3 monthly for life.
  • Adult dogs: Advocate every month, tapeworming every 3months, or depending on lifestyle.